ITEM NAME1980-coleco-catalog
  DESCRIPTIONColeco Toys and Games '80 - We're the One: Catalog of electronic, plastic, and variant toys from Coleco for the 1980 store season. This catalog was intended for chains and purchasers for stores to browse through and buy Coleco products by the truckload. Therefore, the prices are on a separate green sheet of paper, and the catalog itself focuses on top-quality shots of all the toys. Toys include electronic football, hockey, socker and basketball games, Quiz Wiz, Lil Genius, Zodiac, Colortron, Marksman, Cycle Speedway, Power Jet Hockey, and a wide range of toboggans and plastic pieces rebranded as "slide-a-boggans". Also has a range of strollers and baking ovens. Great colors, great descriptions, many dreams inside. (1980)
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