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1977-altair-8800b-ability"Slash"-ability: It comes naturally with the Altair 8800b. Expand-ability, Reli-Ability, Flex-Ability, Afford-Ability. From MITS Incorporated. Only $840 for a kit and $1100 for an assembled unit. This is the kit computer that got a ton of attention and is credited with breaking out owning a home computer into the mainstream for geeks and engineers. From Volume 1 Issue 1 of ROM Magazine (1977)
1977-imsai-complete-controlComplete Control. Introducing IMSAI 8048 Single Board Control Computer. If a family (including milkman and grandma) were that enraputred by a circuit board, a train set and a ripped apart telephone, I'll eat my scanner. From Volume 1 Issue 1 of ROM Magazine (1977)
1977-proctech-solOne Sol-20 equals three computers. Advertisement for the new Processor Technology Sol-20 computer, which cost only $1649 in kit form and $2129 fully burned in and tested. From Volume 1 Issue 1 of ROM Magazine (1977)
1977-swtpc-64c-terminalNow $325 buys a 64-character terminal kit. Note that this isn't a computer, just a terminal, and the monitor is an extra $175. Goes to 1200 baud, and has 2k of memory. From Volume 1 Issue 1 of ROM Magazine (1977)
1977-tdl-xitan-alphaIs your dollar buying as much power and flexibility as TDL's XITAN systems provide? Advertisement for the XITAN Alpha 1 and Alpha 2, sold as kits or assembled, from Technical Design Labs. From Volume 1 Issue 1 of ROM Magazine (1977)
1978-06-apple-bestsellingMagazine Ad: "Why Apple II is the World's Best Selling Personal Computer", with overview of features and advantages of the Apple II, along with side-ad for the new Apple Communication Interface. Appeared in Creative Computing May-June 1978 issue (1978)
1978-processortech-sevenProcessor Tech: Seven Points to Consider Before You Buy Your Small Computer. Informs you that you have multiple choices in small computers and the Processor Technology Sol is reliable and well-maintained. From Creative Computing, May-June 1978 issue (1978)
1978-radioshack-believerAd: "Radio Shack's Computer System Might Make You a Believer" with listing of various optional Radio Shack system configurations, including the "Sweet 16" and "Professional" configurations. From Creative Computing, May-June 1978 issue (1978)
1979-bell-essNew York City and Sedona, Arizona have something in common: the latest Bell System technology. Advertisement from the July 1979 issue of OMNI promoting the new Electronic Switching Systems (ESS) being implemented in the Bell Telephone System. (There are almost no non-digital switching systems in use today.) (1979)
1980-apple-franklinApple Computer: What Kind of Man Owns His Own Computer? (Benjamin Franklin, apparently.) From Popular Electronics April 1980 issue (1980)
1980-coleco-catalogColeco Toys and Games '80 - We're the One: Catalog of electronic, plastic, and variant toys from Coleco for the 1980 store season. This catalog was intended for chains and purchasers for stores to browse through and buy Coleco products by the truckload. Therefore, the prices are on a separate green sheet of paper, and the catalog itself focuses on top-quality shots of all the toys. Toys include electronic football, hockey, socker and basketball games, Quiz Wiz, Lil Genius, Zodiac, Colortron, Marksman, Cycle Speedway, Power Jet Hockey, and a wide range of toboggans and plastic pieces rebranded as "slide-a-boggans". Also has a range of strollers and baking ovens. Great colors, great descriptions, many dreams inside. (1980)
1980-heathkit-h89Ad for Heathkit H89 microcomputer, with feature set and storage availability (100k!) From Popular Electronics April 1980 issue (1980)
1980-honeybox-cmnisonic-imagerAdvertisement for the Omnisonic Honeybox, a new breakthrough in stereo imaging, from Popular Electronics April 1980 issue (1980)
1980-varityper-brochureBrochure for the Varityper Composition Systems, including the flagship Comp/Edit Phototypsetter with the 4800 Area Composition Terminal - One of the best examples of how far ahead a leap the Macintosh computers were, and how far we've come generally (1980, likely sent out 1983)
1981-04-eexchangeThe April 1981 Chicago Edition of "Electronic Exchange". Covers RCA's projection TV, new products from Atari, a 312 area code BBS list, electronics safety, and ads for the National Computer Congress and other newsletters. (1981)
1981-05-eexchangeThe May 1981 Chicago Edition of Electronic Exchange (Volume 1, Issue 5). Articles on Comsat's DBS Proposal, the Magnavox Odyssey(2), and new atari games. Includes a 312 area code BBS list, and a variety of ads and store names (1981)
1981-06-chicatrugnewsThe June 1981 edition of the Chicatrug News, the Chicago TRS-80's Users Group Newsletter. "All the TRS-80 News You Need, When You Need It".
1981-08-eexchangeThe August 1981 edition of the Electronic Exchange Newsletter. (Volume 1, Issue 8). Includes description of how the newsletter is made, subscription TV, Hamfest News, Sharp's Pocket Calculator, Tiger's Talking Picturebook, a list of bulletin boards, and a review of the Bearcat 100 (August, 1981)
1981-microsoft-adventureBrochure for "Microsoft Adventure", a rebrand of the original Crowther and Woods adventure. Includes spoilers! (1981)
1982-castle-wolfensteinInstruction manual for Castle Wolfenstein from Muse Software, by Silas Warner (1981)
1982-ibm-educationThe IBM Personal Computer: A powerful, affordable tool for education. 8-page brochure touting the advantages of the IBM PC in education and learning (1982)
1982-ibm-personal-computerBrochure for the IBM Personal Computer (PC). Contains information on the system, software available, and types of additional services that could be purchased. This was the November 1982 version of the brochure, meaning it was part of the first wave of IBM PCs, with the full weight of the IBM Marketing Machine behind it (1982)
1982-imagic-gameadsPair of (poorly-scanned) ads for Imagic Games for the Atari 2600, from the December 1982 issue of Video Games magazine (1982)
1982-royalsoftware1982 Catalog of Royal Software, a provider of Atari hardware and software (1982)
1982-sirius-freefallDocumentation for the game "Free Fall", a fast action game from Sirius for the Apple II or II+ Computer with 48k and One Apple Disk Drive (1982)
1983-12-activision-shuttleTHIS IS NO GAME: Space Shuttle, a Journey into Space, by Activision. Back cover of the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games magazine. Includes screenshots of this 2600-based game. P.S. This is a game (1983)
1983-12-atari-ccastles"The Name's Bentley Bear, and I've got a tip for you." Advertisement for the arcade game Crystal Castles, by Atari, including hand-drawn Bentley (you can see the marker) and somewhat strange pose by overexcited arcade player. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games (1983)
1983-12-atari-polepositionNow you can get into pole position at home. Screenshot of Atari 2600 Pole Position accompanied by blocking youth in chair being thrust bodily into screen. Also shows the 5200 SuperSystem version. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games (1983)
1983-12-atari2600-eg"Which Player is Doing the Right Thing" collection of advertisements from Atari. Cartoon versions of Dig Dug, Moon Patrol, and Battlezone, with a quiz asking if the reader knows which move will garner more points according to the rules of the game. From Electronic Games Magazine, December 1983 (1983)
1983-12-bigfive-miner5200Stake a Claim on the most exciting New Game for your Atari 5200 Supersystem: Miner 2049er from Big Five software. Includes drawing by Scott Ross as well as second background by possibly Not Scott Ross, and off-putting screenshots (possibly inversed by mistake). From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-bigfive-scMeet your Hottest Challenge Yet in Scraper Caper. Advertisement for the quasi-sequel to Miner 2049er, Scraper Caper, starting Bounty Bob, from Big Five Software. Interestingly, the artist (Scott Ross) portrays the previous game as being abandoned and tearful at the main character's new job, providing a sad feeling to the proceedings. From Electronic Games, December 1983 (1983)
1983-12-br0derbund-egA Million Laughs and an Endless Challenge. Ad for two Br0derbund Software games: Spare Change, and Lode Runner. (Lode Runner took off much more than Spare Change, but Spare Change has the better artwork on the box.) Includes screenshots and great hyperbole. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-cbs-mkingThe Vidoe Game You Play With your Eyes and Ears: Mountain King, by CBS Electronics. Comic portraying the gameplay of Mountain King, showing how music and volume play a part in knowing what to do next. Unusually, the representative character moving through the comic is not a smiling teenage, but a semi-creepy older gentleman with male pattern baldness and a withered gait. Where the excitement never ends. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-coleco-adam-egNew Command the Powers of Adam, and Program Your Future. 4-page advertisement spread for the Coleco Adam, a computer that associated with Colecovision. Reading this, it seems like it would take off wildly. Screenshots, nice photos of equipment and of the tapes that drove everyone nuts. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games (1983)
1983-12-commodore64It writes, rates, creates, even telecommunicates. Cost less, does more: the Commodore 64. Ad for the Commodore 64 and the incredible things it can do. Includes charming "I adore my 64" button. it is not made clear how a Commodore 64 can "rate". From Electronic Games Magazine, December 1983 (1983)
1983-12-epyxCollection of three full-page ads from Epyx software in the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine. Advertisements for Temple of Apshai (you're just in time for lunch), Jumpman (watch your step) and Pitstop (where winning is the pits). Standard high-action photographs, not entirely related to the games being advertised (1983)
1983-12-hesware-toughTough Competition (Arcades): HesWare pleases the tough customer. Would you believe Attack of the Mutant Camels?? The world may be short of oil and jobs, this advertisement explains, but there's no shortage of entertainment. Shows a bunch of HesWare (Human Engineered Software) games, including Gridrunner, Predator, Retro Ball, Robot Panic, Synthesound, and Shamus. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-infocom-zombie"I Was a Teenage Zombie" - Advertisement for Infocom text adventure games showing how by moving from standard video games to Infocom games, the youth are saved intellectually. From Electronic Games Magazines, December 1983 (1983)
1983-12-mattel-mastersIn this new home video game, you're the most powerful human in the universe. Unfortunately, not everyone is human. Masters of the Universe, the Power of He-Man for Intellivsion and Atari. Screenshots show the Intellivision with SuperGraphics version, of course. More trademarks in this ad than a lawyer's files. From Mattel Electronics, ad appeared in the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-mrcool-sierraBoil over with Mr. Cool! Q-bert clone for microcomputers by Sierra On-Line; even has a little sproingy thing chasing after you. Sierra On-Line: Games with Character. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-muse-blackjackJimmy the Greek says: Increase your knowledge and chances of winning with Advanced Blackjack, from Muse Software. Ad appeared in Electronic Games Magazine, December 1983 (1983)
1983-12-odyssey-probe2000Play the Game the Generals Play... for Real. Poorly phrased, almost sounds like the generals are the ones playing the game while you are playing it for real. The artwork, however, implies the generals are getting directly shot at, which doesn't happen often. "War Room, by Probe 2000", from the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine
1983-12-paxxon-watchesTelling time was never so much fun as with the Paxxon Pac-Man Watches, containing visages of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man on a blue or pink wristwatch. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-penguin-generationPenguin Software, the Graphics People: The Next Generation is Here! Strategy, Exciting Adventures, Arcade Fun, and Fantasy Role Playing. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-pointmaster-joystickExtend your Survival Against Alien Invaders with the Discwasher Pointmaster Competition Joystick. Includes classic 1980s glowy image of a joystick and undefinited pixel invaders. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games magazine (1983)
1983-12-screenplay-asylumLast year, over 20,000 Americans Were Comitted to Asylum. Advertisement with checkerboard theme for Asylum, an adventure game with three-dimensional scrolling graphics, from Screenplay software. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-sega-buckrogersBuck Rogers, Planet of Zoom. Your once chance to defeat the toughest enemy of all. Time. Stylized artistic screenshots of game, cover, and big Sega logo. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-sega-congobongoWhen you play Congo Bongo, you'll die laughing. Cover of Congo Bongo Game, along with stylized cartoon portrayal of game and main character death. That is one huge-ass cobra. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-sierra-creepycorridorsSave Sierra Smith in Creepy Corridors! Creepy Corridoes, a game for home computers by SierraVision, a division of Sierra On-Line. Games with Character. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games MAgazine (1983)
1983-12-stickstationArcade Action at Home! Cause the Stick Station Holds the Joystick For You! This must have been ludicrous on a coffee table. No more hand cramps. Small ad from the back of the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games magazine (1983)
1983-12-wico-commandcontrolWico Command Control: Why Top Players are going "Whacko Over Wico" this Christmas. Shows features of this excellent joystick, including internal view. Includes Famous Red Ball (tm). From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-12-xonox-egThe Xonox Double Enders are Best.... Independent testing with Kids ages 9 through 16 ranked the Xonox Double-Enders against the top 10 VCS games, and they ratest BEST OVERALL! This is the cartridge with two games, where you flipped the cartridge around to play the other side. From the December 1983 issue of Electronic Games Magazine (1983)
1983-20th-century-plastics20th Century Plastics gets into the Personal Computer Supply business with a 4-page catalog of protectors, storage boxes, and binders (1983)
1983-adc-nthdegreeMailing for the "Nth Degree", an Apple II temperature probe (model 551A) by American Data Cable, Inc. Postmarked June 30, 1983 (1983)
1983-ai-catalogThe 1983 Catalog, Volume 3 Number 4, of Adventure International, the Scott Adams-helmed Software publishing house (1979-1984). Includes the Scott Adams adventures, video games, strategy games, financial software, utilities, and additional adventure games or game development kits. (1983)
1983-alien-group-voicebox"Atari Sings Your Favorite Songs!!!" Advertisement for The Alien Group's Voice Box, a Speech and Singing synthesizer for the Atari computers (1983)
1983-alloy-computer-productsAlloy Computer Products: The Performance Company - 4 page flyer and 1-sheet supplement of products, including the PC-STOR Winchester Disk and PC-BACKUP Tape Backup Unit (1983)
1983-apstek-brochureApstek Inc, "Quality Products for IBM Personal Computers", including PIC-1, the printer interface and clock card for your IBM PC or PC-XT, and the AIM-256, a memory expansion card for the IBM PC and PC-XT (1983)
1983-aspen-ribbonsRibbons for Computer Printers, from Aspen Ribbons, Incorporated. 16 page catalog of cartridges and parts for computer printers (dot matrix, not laser) circa early 1980s. The photos of the parts don't look great because they WEREN'T great. Over 300 computer ribbons listed, as well as a handy chart of ribbon supplies to printer manufacturers (1983)
1983-atari-410-manualManual for the Atari 410 (Cassette Recorder) including proper care and maintenance, use of the buttons, loading and saving programs, and installation; gift of Dr. John Rescigno (1983)
1983-atari-connectionCollection of Advertisements from the Fall 1983 Issue of Atari Connection, all from the Warner Brother-Atari corporation (i.e. company-supported advertisements in a company-supported magazine). Sorry for the low quality of some of these pages; I guess I really liked this magazine. Includes Atari Catalog items such as shirts and binders, as well as ads for Atari-branded games and Word Processor (1983)
1983-atari-nextgeneration-catalogCatalog/Promotional Material for the "Next Generation" of Atari Home Computers, before a buyout by Jack Tramiel closed down most of the proposed machines (1983)
1983-basf-selectionBinder-able fact sheet on BASF FlexyDisks (5 1/4" Floppy Disks) including information on the company, specifications, compatibility, and the "BASF Qualimetric Standard" (1983)
1983-braminc-zombiesepcyg4Two for the Atari from Bram Inc. by Mike Edwards: Zombies and Attack at EP-CYG-4 - One-page flyer from Bram and encouraging purchase from Computer Palace (1983)
1983-broderbund-brochureBr0derbund Software Brochure: We could tell you we make the finest computer games. We don't have to. You keep telling us. Includes screenshots for a number of Br0derbund games, as well as cover shots and pleasant artwork. Unfortunately, this particular brochure recieved a large amount of abuse from an overwhelmed 12 year old fool and has extensive pen and marker scribbles on it (1984)
1983-cm-catalog1983 Catalog for Crystal Microsoft, Ltd., a Texas-Based Computer Software and Hardware company with no relation to that "other" Microsoft (1983)
1983-columbia-evalIBM PC Compatibles Competitive Evaluation, by Columbia Data Products, Inc. Comparison of features of the IBM PC by Columbia Data products, including pricing, features, and bundled software - You'll never guess who won. Also includes a couple full-color flyers for the Columbia (1983)
1983-compucart6-Page Brochure for the Compucart from Versa-Tec, the "First Secure Computer Workstation", showing several models in use with contemporary computer models, including an unusual Apple Lisa, as well as 1-sheet promotional brouchure for science/ergonomics of the Compu-Cart (1983)
1983-computermat-catalog20-page catalog (two pages are combined as a spread) of a Commodore VIC and C-64 catalog for Computermat Systems, a publisher of games and adventures. Includes call for authors, lists of games, and offers of packs and specials (1983)
1983-elephant-trunk"Trunks for the Memories" - Plastic Floppy Disk storage boxes from Elephant Data Systems (1983)
1983-epd-catalog"The Diet for Healthier Hardware" - Electronic Protection Devices, Inc. presents a collection of fruit-themed plugs and breakers for computer hardware, including the Lemon, Lime, Peach, Orange, and the fearful Grizzy (1983)
1983-epson-computer"The Best Business Deal Since the Dow Jones Was Under 800" - 4-Page Brochure for the Epson Computer System, including software, machine, software and, of course, a printer (1983)
1983-epyx-catalog"Epyx: Strategy Games for the Action-Game Player." 1983 Catalog for Epyx games; somewhat strange in that the writing is more aimed to show how effective Epyx games are for sales and availability than for end-users. (Likely, this catalog was meant to go to store owners, and not direct customers.) Contains previews for many games that may or may not have ever seen fruition (1983)
1983-finetech-woodburyFineTech Furniture Presents: The Woodbury Series. 4-page pamphlet plus two-sided price sheet of solid oak office furniture, geared towards providing high quality presentation of computer equipment (1983)
1983-ibm-usingcomputersAn incredible promotional advertising supplement from IBM: "When will YOU start to use a Computer?" - a 12-page overview of the mechanics of owning and using a home computer (i.e. the new IBM PC) by explaining the process as it resembles using a calculator or the "new" Automatic Teller Machines. Includes 1950's style drawings to provide some sort of soft touch; has a small quiz "What can you do with a Computer?" (1983)
1983-innsoft-datadesignBrochure for Data Design by InSoft, "The Information Management System that Delivers Power with Simplicity." Cover indicates it as a companion to Lotus 1-2-3 and Micropro Wordstar (1983)
1983-jade-computer-catalog16-page catalog for Jade Computer, a small chain of California computer stores selling software and hardware for Apple and IBM computers (1983)
1983-maxell-catalogThe Maxell Corporation's 1983 selection of Floppy Disks (5 1/4", 8", and Compact) as well as other recording media, presented in dazzling color. (1983)
1983-microdesign-insiderAnnouncing the Micro Design International Insider, an expansion to add a full 10 Mega-byte Internal Hard Disk Drive to your PC, giving it the performance of an XT for a fraction of the cost, that is, $995 (1983)
1983-microfun-mingOne-Sheet from Microfun Software for Ming's Challenge, an Arcade Game (1983)
1983-micrografx-pcdrawPC-Draw from Micrografx: The Drawing System for your Office or Home. Includes color cover and examples of plotting program. Includes light pen for just an additional $150. (1983)
1983-micromatch-catalogMicro Match Catalog and Buyers Guide for Summer 1983: 36 pages of printers, cards, drives, software, and books related to the IBM Personal Computer User (1983)
1983-mms-forthBrochure of MMS (Miller Microconputer Systems) Forth and Forth Software (1983)
1983-mylex-chairmanOne-sheet and cover letter for the Mylex Chairman, the "Chairman of the Boards": a graphics card for IBM-PCs providing additional graphics formats to the PC (1983)
1983-orangeplusAdvertisement for the Orange+ Computer, an Apple II Clone from Collins International Trading Corporation (1984)
1983-pcdisk-softwaresubmissionPC: The Disk Magazine - Software Submission Plan, a small booklet explaining the rules for providing software and documentation for submission to the Ziff-Davis Publication that came on a floppy disk (1983)
1983-pegasus-peripheralsCollection of three one-sheet papers describing various products by Pegasus, a division of Great Lakes Computer Periphers, Inc. Includes the Pegasus XT Conversion Kit (turns your IBM PC into an XT with the addition of a 10mb hard drive) and two large hard drives, both 10 and 32 megabytes (1983)
1983-philatelic-management-systemBrochure for the Phlatelic Management System, allowing all the complicated computational needs of stamp collecting to be handled by a microcomputer (1983)
1983-precision-superbaseCover letter and flyer for the Superbase 64 by Precision Software of Surrey and New York, the "new concept in database management / complete information system for the Commodore 64" (1983)
1983-radioshack-coco2Save $80 on Radio Shack's new TRS-80 Color Computer 2! Advertisement for Christmas (with required tree and presents and colorful screenshot) for the Color Computer 2, at a price of $159.95, or $239.95, which would give you extended BASIC. Not quite clear what extended basic is or why it was worth $80 (1983)
1983-santaclara-pcterminalBrochure for the PCTerminal from Santa Clara Systems (1983)
1983-seasoned-keyboardThe answers to almost any question you might have about the Dvorak keyboard. Combination package of Dvorak keyboard and keymap translation software (Surestroke) by Seasoned Systems (1983)
1983-shelburne-holiday-catalogThe 1983 Winter/Holiday catalog for The Shelburne Company (later Shelburne Innovations), a direct-mail Consumer Electronics company (with a now-closed showroom in Maryland). 28 pages of classic early-1980 consumer electronics, from the areas of telecommunications, health, gadgetry and furniture. "Innovative Products for You and Your Home" Larry Demko writes: "The Shelburne Company catalog, later called INNOVATIONS, was created and produced by Larry Demko, who wrote much of the copy. He was VP of the company and also created & wrote space (print) ads for various products and services that appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Parade Magazine, Popular Science and many other publications. He tried to purchase the catalog in 1985. When he could not reach an agreement with the majority ownership, he left to join another direct marketing company (and catalog) in St. Louis. A few years later he left to start his own marketing /advertising firm which is now called Fastrac Media in St. Louis, MO. In addition to print ads, he now writes and produces TV commercials and infomercials." (1983)
1983-sierraonline-hires-adventuresThe Sierra On-Line Hi-Res Adventures Promotional Catalog, an introduction to the Hi-Res series of adventure games by a mysterious Host who travels through time and space to sell you games (1983)
1983-sirius-summer-catalogThe Sirius Software Summer 1983 Game Catalog, listing the full collection of Sirius software games, all accompanied by poorly-drawn comics portraying each game's premise as a story involving cartoon characters (1983)
1983-softraders-internationalBrochure for SofTraders International, a "Used Software" Club with thousands of members (or thousands of recipients of this flyer). Provided a brokerage house for people to "trade" their "used software" among each other for a simple membership fee for access to the catalog. Sounds about as fishy as you can get, but whatever works in the rough and tumble home computer market of the early 1980s. (1983)
1983-stb-products-catalog"STB Systems Incorporated: Expansion Products for Personal Computing" - Small brochure catalog for a range of expansion cards for Apple IIs and IBM PCs, including video, RAM, and input/output. Includes separate price list on accompanying card. STB Systems apparently lived up into the 1990s until getting bought out (1983)
1983-sweetgum-catalogWinter 1983 catalog of gifts, gadgets and candy from Sweet Gum, a candy store in North Miami, Florida. Includes computer-shaped candy, whacky computer t-shirts, ties, desk toys, and even a couple electronics (notably, a Wico joystick). Contains what appears to be doubled pages, but in fact there was an extra page folded into the catalog with a slight "remix" of some of the items and a different form to fill out (1983)
1983-talltree-brochureOne-Page (folded) brochure of products from Tall Tree Systems for the IBM PC, including JRAM, JETDRIVE, JFORMAT2, WINDRIVE, JSPOOL and JFORMAT. Includes photo of employees and information about the company (October, 1983)
1983-thorn-emi-catalogSummer 1983 Thorn-EMI Video Catalog, Catalog of Game and Financial Software for Atari, Commodore, and Texas Instruments Computers. "Play for Real...", 20 pages. (1983)
1983-xentek-magicmotherOne-sheet and cover letter for the Xentek Corporation "Magic Mother" - an expansion card for the Vic-20 that expands the bus to allow duplication of cartridge ROMs and provide a fuse to protect them (1983)
1984-abc-airflowAdvertisement for ABC Airflow, an expansion fan for the front of IBM PC Computers (1984)
1984-ai-software-pagesCatalog and Author Information for Adventure International Software (1984)
1984-atari-aldaTwo-page ad about Atari Computers, which never forgot that you're human. Features celebrity endorsement by Alan Alda, from Hi-Res Magazine March 1984 Issue (1984)
1984-atari-tactical-errorOne of these players has made a tactical error in Battlezone; from Hi-Res Magazine March 1984 Issue (1984)
1984-bounty-bobFlyer for Bounty Bob by Big Five Software (1984)
1984-citibank-homebank"Turn Your Computer Into a Banking Command Center" - Information on Homebase, the Citibank Home Banking solution (1984)
1984-colorplus-plantronics"Colorplus Shatters the Mold" Sheet for the Colorplus High Resolution Color Graphics Adapter from Plantronics (1984)
1984-compuserve-megawarsBrochure for Compuserve's Megawars, one of the first massively-multiplayer online games, allowing game players to trade and fight enemies in space; includes space map, as well as information on many other games available to Compuserve users. (Brochure is pretty dirty; sorry about that) (1984)
1984-computer-software-servicesSimple adverisement for a number of powerful utilities for the Atari Home Computer family, allowing greater manipulation of cartridge and disk data. Classic example of the use of the "Atari Font" in selling Atari software (not to mention the Atari logo) from Hi-Res Magazine March 1984 Issue (1984)
1984-computerpalaceCatalog for Computer Palace, an Oregon-based seller of Atari Computer software and hardware (1984)
1984-fds-2mb-floppiesAdvertisement for 2.5mb floppy drive expansion case (1984)
1984-interfaceinc-catalogThe 1984 Interface Inc. Catalog, including a number of Winchester and external hard drives for the IBM-PC. Intended for a 5 1/4" form factor and all reasonably priced in the thousands (1984)
1984-microfun-carthainSheet for Crown of Arthain (Adventure Game) from Microfun (1984)
1984-microware-innovationsTechnological Innovations for the Vic-20 and Commodore-64 designed by Rak-Ware, including the Universal Tape Interface and the Expand-O-Ram, from Microware Distributing (1983)
1984-microware-productsMicroware Products Catalog: "Products for Vic-20 and CBM 64 that are Out of This World" (1984)
1984-oldacresBrochure with information about a Computer Camp in Indiana, including descriptions, proposed meals and credentials of staff (1984)
1984-omicron-catalogCatalog for slipcovers and duffel bags for Atari Computers and Consoles, as well as Intellivision and Colecovision (1984)
1984-oss-precision-toolsDemand the best tools for programming; advertisement for utlity cartridge for Atari computers with well-done evocative "craftsman" photo, from Hi-Res Magazine March 1984 Issue (1984)
1984-profit-ramAdvertisement for IBM PC RAM Expansion by Profit (1984)
1984-quadram-quipsWinter 1984 Quadram Quips: A Collection of Quadram products for the IBM PC, including expansion cards, RAM boards, time/date clocks, and printer system, as well as the breathtaking "Quadlink" card, an Apple II on a card (1984)
1984-santaclara-pcnetBrochure for the Santa Clara PCNet Local Area Network Card for IBM PCs (1984)
1984-seattlecomputer-ramplusAdvertisement for Seattle Computer RAMPLUS Expansion Card (1984)
1984-ssi-catalogSpring 1984 Catalog for Strategic Simulations, Inc., a game company focused on turn-based games or simulations (with a branching out into arcade-style games as well) Originally a half-page booklet, scanned across to keep the visual look of the majority of catalog pages. (1984)
1984-starsprite-avantgarde"Star Sprite - Let Your Imagination Blossom" - Software support for the SuperSprite Board from Synetix - Includes Star Sprite I, II and III, from Avant-Garde of Eugene Oregon (1984)
1984-talltree-jram2Spring 1984 Issue of the "Tall Tree Talk", a brochure for the JRAM-2 Multi-Function RAM Buffer Board (1984)
1985-atari-america"America - We Built it for You - The Atari 520ST". Patriotic-themed ad from Atari, "The New Atari: Power Without the Price", advertising the new Atari 520ST, including an ironic quote from Sam Tramiel about "Good Old Atari Know How". From the back cover of the October 1985 issue of Compute! magazine which was a feature issue about the Commodore Amiga (1985)
1985-ea-constructionset-contestMagazine Ad: Electronic Arts Adventure Construction Set Contest (1985)
1986-amiga-create12-page brochure for the Amiga Computer. "Amiga: The Computer for Creative Minds", with profiles of various types of Amiga users, including composers, artists, musicians, writers, movie makers, and so on. Somewhat questionable "case" numbers below each entry, indicating some sort of global "Amiga Dossier" of users. (1986)
1987-esnesnonIssue #1 of Esnesnon, humor magazine of Horace Greeley High School, Chappaqua, NY, USA. Edited by Jason Scott Sadofsky and John Rescigno. 16 Pages. (1987)
1988-compuserve-higher-intelligenceAd for Compuserve, featuring beautiful shot of a computer user connecting to a vast floating technoplogical miasma of an entity; a visual simile for Compuserve but even more appropriate for the Internet. From August 1988 issue of OMNI (1988)
1988-dak-astounding-writingClassic advertisement from Drew A. Kaplan industries, promoting a hand-held language translation gadget. Typical of the DAK catalog style of promotional ads throughout the 1980s. From August 1988 issue of OMNI (1988)
1988-nri-repair-every-computerAd for the National Repair Institute, offering you the ability to repair a wide variety of computers, primarily IBM clones. From August 1988 issue of OMNI (1988)
1989-sirtech-wizardryhiltAdvertisement for Sir-Tech's Wizardry series coming to the Commodore 64/128 with Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. Inside front cover ad from Info Magazine, January/Feb 1989 issue #24 (1989)
198x-proft-addramplusThe ADDRAM PLUS, a Multi-Tasking/Multi-User IBM-PC or IBM-PC-XT Card. Provides Ramdisk, Ramspool and Tascmaster software. From Profit Systems, Inc.
1990-nynex-isdnNew England Telephone and New York Telephone, soon to be NYNEX, introduce you to ISDN, to change the way your business manages voice and data communications: NYNEX ISDN Basic Exchange Service. 16-Page pamphlet outlining the magic of ISDN, the way it can join your network, and its advantages. (1990)
1992-04-appliedengineering-vulcangoldAs Good as Gold: Improved software and hardware for the best-selling Apple II hard drive, the New Vulcan Gold from Applied Engineering. Sizes include 40mb and 100mb ($899 and $1795, respectively). (April, 1992)
1992-04-qualitycomputers-softwareNew for the Apple II from Quality Computers: Does your Child Know how to react in an emergency? (First Aid Reddy) and Make Your IIgs Anything you want it to be (Signature GS) (April, 1992)
1992-04-softdisk-softdiskgsOBSOLETE? Not so fast! your Apple II or IIgs is still one of the best home computers ever produced. Includes photo of an Apple II being chucked in the trash. From Softdisk/Softdisk G-s (April, 1992)
1992-04-ziptechnology-zipgsEat my Dust, Mac. ZIP technology presents hyperspeed for $149, an add-on card called the Zip GS which increases the speed and caching of the Apple IIgs. Comes in both a 8Mhz and 9Mhz version, as well as 8k or 32k upgrades. (April, 1992)
columbia-vp-portable"Start Ahead - Stay Ahead With the New Columbia VP": Brochure for the Columbia VP MVC Portable PC Compatible (1984)
ionews1984-1985 Issues of the Baltimore IO News PC Magazine (1984-1985)
sfinks-pcSFINKS PC: Microcomputer Chess Game written by William Fink. Awesome! Unsurpassed! Includes list of openings, features and example gameplay. (Unknown)
swedish-computer-adsCollection of Swedish computer ads (UNIX and the SV318) from Roine Gustafsson

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